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We at Redwood Trail have a long history of ownership of Kuvasz, German Shepard and other large breeds.  But one day I heard about the Leonberger and when I saw it for the first time I was amazed by its beautiful markings and soft coat.  But even more amazing is the wonderful temperament, its love of family and of other dogs.  They love to be with you whether indoors or outdoors and give them water and they truly smile.

We were very fortunate to meet a wonderful breeder, Agi Hejja and her husband Sandor of Starhaven Kennels.  They are very well respected breeders of both Kuvasz and Leonbergers.  In 2006 we welcomed our first beautiful Leonberger puppy into our lives.  A female, Starhavens A Star in the East (Holly) has amazed us with her loyalty, intelligence and gentle demeanor.  Holly was the inspiration for Redwood Trail Kennel and our desire to become active in the Leonberger world.  Our second female, Starhavens Clementine Girl (Emma) came to us a year and half later.

We started showing them and both have done very well in the show ring.  Holly completed her LCA Championship and has acquired CGC.  Holly’s greatest win came in 2008 when she finished her Championship and was named Best in Show.  Our younger girl, Emma, has had multiple Best Female Youth titles, CGC and achieved her first AKC Misc. – Best of Breed.

We are members of the Mid Atlantic Leonberger Club and the Leonberger Club of America.  Redwood Trail is committed to upholding the standards of the Leonbergers through proper breeding and healthcare.  It is our mission to be ambassadors of this fabulous breed that has only been recently recognized by the AKC.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you wish to learn more about Leonbergers in general, or to find out more about Redwood Trail Leonbergers.

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